This Week’s Rides – Nov. 14-19

We had a big turnout for a fun ride on Saturday!  It was a little cool at first but soon warmed up and transformed into a pleasant day for a challenging ride!  Durk guided us to enjoy the new pavement on the Old Trace but then threw in a lot of hard climbs after we stopped at Fairview.  The short riders had to mount Backbone Ridge, and the long group did a very hilly loop on King, Henry, and Coldwater before they got to Backbone!  Sunday was a different story.  It was a dreary day with some drizzle, but we had a surprisingly large crowd.  There were several different groups, with Scott heading the lead group to check out the new pavement on Carl Road!

The Track Management has informed us that the lights at the Speedway have been fixed, and the weather looks good for Tuesday night.  So the Track is a GO this week!  We’ll also have the Trace Ride on Thursday night and more Polar Bear adventures on the weekend!  Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday, Nov. 14 – 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. – The Track at the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway – The Track continues this Tuesday night and will remain open each Tuesday throughout the fall, winter, and spring months, weather permitting.  From 6:00 until 8:00, the Track will be available for riders of all levels.  The Track is open to HBC members and one-time visitors.  In contrast to our other Club rides, we are compelled to limit the Track to HBC members because the Club is charged a handsome fee each time we use the Speedway.  In the interests of safety, please pass through the big gate and park in the rear instead of at the front entrance.

As always, this is the HBC’s most unique event, drawing large crowds of riders who can participate in a fast paceline or take it calmly in the outer lanes.  All riders at the Track must strictly observe the rules for riding there, which are specifically designed to enhance the safety and enjoyment of all participants.  Remember – Lane 1 is for those riding at 22 mph or faster, and Lane 2 is for those riding at 17 mph or faster.  Slower riders should be in the outer lanes.  In Lanes 1 and 2, ride on the line and pass only on the right.  Please review and follow these rules carefully:
Track Rules

It’s great to have our tremendous adaptive athletes back with us, expertly coordinated by Patty Willman!  The HBC Board has vested in our Vice-President, Graf Hilgenhurst, the often-difficult responsibility of making weather-related calls about the Track this season.

Thursday, Nov. 16 – 6:30 P.M. – Mile 440 Parking Lot on Natchez Trace Parkway – Natchez Trace Ride! – A great place to ride when it is dark is the Natchez Trace Parkway, where the pavement is smooth, the traffic is light, and you can’t get lost!  The ride will start at the Mile 440 Lot and go down to the pavilion at Garrison Creek and back for a 25-mile journey.  Jeff Sammons will lead this week’s ride.  Our permit from the National Park Service requires all bicycles to have a front headlight and a rear taillight.  It also requires all riders to wear reflective, high-visibility upper body clothing so they can be seen on and off the bike.

Saturday, Nov. 18 – 9:00 A.M. – Polar Bear Ride – Fly-Santa Fe Ramble! – Hillsboro Elementary School in Leipers Fork, 5412 Pinewood Road – Durk is again leading our cool-weather rides, and this Saturday promises to be as much fun as the last two!  In fact, Durk is taking it easy on us this week.  The routes down to Fly and Santa Fe have some moderate climbs, but not too many and nothing too serious!  The full route is 50 miles, but there are options of 31 and 41 miles as well.  Here are the cue sheets:

Fly-Santa Fe Ramble – Long route

Long route – 50 miles – Fly-Santa Fe Ramble – GPS

Medium route – 41 miles – Fly-Santa Fe Ramble – GPS

Short route – 31 miles – Fly Ramble – GPS

Sunday, Nov. 19 – 9:00 A.M. – Pancake Polar Bear RideHunters Bend Elementary School, 2121 Fieldstone Pkwy., Franklin – The Club’s most classic event is the regular Sunday Pancake Ride from Fieldstone Farms over to Leipers Fork.  During the off-season, we don’t formally designate a ride leader, but we’ll ride in groups and watch out for each other.  Riders take the rolling course to the end of Boyd Mill Pike and then make the climb up Parker Branch.  The direct route then descends to Leipers Fork for a rest stop and heads back for a total of 28 miles.  Many riders will add extra miles from Parker Branch or the rest stop, enjoying the scenic roads south and west of Leipers Fork; the full route for these long riders is usually about 50 miles.

This is not called the Pancake Ride because it is flat or easy, but because you can enjoy some tasty treats at Leipers Fork!  While new riders are encouraged to participate, the route is moderately hilly and is inappropriate for rank beginners.

– Cue Sheet –

Pancake Ride – GPS version

Please go ahead and put the big annual HBC Christmas Party on your personal calendar!  Here are the details:

Saturday, December 9 – 6:00 to 10:00 P.M. – HBC ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY! – The Daily Dish Event Center, 2205 Hillsboro Road, Franklin 37069 – The highlight of the season is our annual holiday event, this year at a new location – The Daily Dish in the Grassland area, convenient to both Nashville and Franklin folks.  We will have heavy hors d’oeuvres, including vegetarian selections.  The event is BYOB, but bartenders will be provided.  We will have a DJ for music and dancing after the food is served!  There will be a short program of our annual club awards amidst all the festivities.  So bring out your festive attire and enjoy your cycling friends off the bike!  This event is HBC members and their significant others!

So join us for both riding and partying!

Larry Lewis, HBC Ride Chair




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We had a big turnout for a fun ride on Saturday!  It was a little cool at first but soon warmed up and transformed into a pleasant day for a challenging ride!  Durk guided us to enjoy the new pavement on the Old Trace but then threw in a lot of hard climbs after we
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