Update from Patty on Adaptive Athlete Program

Dear HBC Members,

Since the track has opened for the cool-weather months and the Adaptive Athletes are once again ready to ride, I wanted to send out a note of appreciation and news to all of you.  2015 has been a good year for the Adaptive Athlete program.

During this summer, George Guerrero has been living with Mike and me.  The Tuesday/Thursday riders have been outstanding mentors and friends to him. They rode with him every week, got him a cell phone for his birthday (which has changed his life), giving him the means to communicate with the outside world. This is an incredible group of people and I really appreciate all they have done for him.

Something you may not know that I have learned from working with the young blind kids is that they have challenges even beyond their vision problems. Several have suffered abuse or have multiple health problems and disabilities beyond their blindness. The club’s Adaptive Athlete program really helps them in multiple ways. There are of course the exercise benefits.  But on top of that, it gives them a place to have fun and forget about their everyday challenges, a sense of freedom. Thank you to all of you for supporting this program.  Please know that it changes lives.

September was very special. We had four of our members who recently attended the “Learn to Race Camp” at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  Lonnie Puterbaugh and Greg Miller went as Pilots and George Guerrero and Tim Jones went as Stokers.  We are very proud of those cyclists and all the effort it took to prepare and attend the camp. We wish them well in their racing careers.

This all said, the Track is now open each week!  We have a very enthusiastic teacher at the Tennessee School for the Blind who is heading up the program this year.  She has 11 students who have filled out the forms to ride.  We expect a big year and we will need a lot of captains and helpers. A program first is that George Guerrero has agreed to be a mentor and helper. It will be nice to have an experienced Adaptive Athlete helping run the program.

We have lost a few captains because of job changes and such and are looking for people who would like to get involved in the program.  If you would like to get involved, please let me know.  I’ll leave my contact information below.  You may not need to have a tandem yourself.  If you are a stong rider, we have a couple of tandems that need captains. We really need any help we can get.

Once again, thank you for supporting this program!


Patty Willman





Patty Willman





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