A Grand Randonee is a massive undertaking — and not just for the riders. It’s the volunteers who make an event like this possible. If you would like to help out at any of the controls, on the road, or immediately before and/or after the ride, please complete the following form and click the Submit button. Once we have all of our volunteers, we will begin to plan where we can best use everyone’s abilities in a way that meets your wants and other obligations.

To help us more successfully allocate our valuable volunteer resources, please complete the following fields for each volunteer and click Submit. We will contact you in July to firm up where you can help out and what you will be doing. Our goal is to make sure that everyone — riders and volunteers alike — stays safe and has fun!

Volunteer Demographics

First, some basic information. We promise not to share it with anybody who is not directly associated with the ride.
  • Preferably, this is the number of a cell phone that you will have with you during the event.
  • What Days/Times Are Good for You?

    Help us identify dates and times when you are available to help. If you have no other obligations, just pick the dates from the first list. If you have obligations on any date, use the second list and tell us which shift(s) you could work, or select Other and describe.
    Note that we will not expect you to work a 24-hour shift.
  • If you aren't available for the whole day ...

    Use the following section of the form to tell us what hours you could help on specific days during the ride.
  • Where You Can Help

    Next, tell us the location(s) at which you would most prefer to work. To do this, select from the drop-down list each location at which you would prefer to be a volunteer. Select these in your order of preference. For more information about the controls, see "Overnight Controls" on the event page.
  • Tell us about any issues, concerns, or specific needs you might have regarding your volunteering assignment
    We will have a truck carrying drop bags to each control, so if a rider abandons the truck can get his/her bike at the control. However, we may need help getting the rider and bike to the control. We will compensate you for your mileage at the standard rate.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.



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