How to Renew

There are only seven steps in the process of renewing your Harpeth Bike Club membership on the new site, so it should only take about five minutes. Before we begin, however …

IMPORTANT: If you were a member before and had a user ID and password on the old site, that user ID and password are no longer valid. After you renew your membership, you will have to login using your email address as your user ID. As part of the process below, you will be able to reset your password back to that old password, or anything else that you want.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Before you renew your Harpeth Bike Club membership, decide which kind of membership you want:

  • Recurring – with this option, your credit card information will be encrypted and securely stored by MoonClerk. When your membership plan expires after one year, it will be automatically renewed. You will get an email three days before the charge posts, so you can decide then not to renew your membership, change your membership, or change to another card. You will also get an email if your card expires, address changes, or for any other reason the renewal charge cannot be processed.
  • Non-Recurring – with this option, MoonClerk will process your card for the membership but not store it. When your membership plan expires, you will need to re-join the club.

You can also get a Non-Recurring Membership by printing and filling in this paper form, and mailing it to the address on the form with a check made out to the club.

In addition, you need to decide whether you want a Family or Individual membership. If you are the only rider in your household, you should probably get an Individual membership. But if there is another person in your household that attends Harpeth Bike Club rides, for just $15 more the Family membership is a great deal.

Ready to begin? OK …

To join as a Recurring Member, click here.

To join as a Non-Recurring Member, click here.

(Note that either of these links should open a new window or tab, so you can continue to read these instructions and perform the registration process.)

  1. Select the type of membership — Family or Individual.
  2. Enter information about yourself. The following is required:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address — IMPORTANT: this will be the email to which all club communications will be sent, and will be your login name to the HBC website and to the payment portal when you renew — so make sure you enter this right
    • Emergency contact
  3. If desired, complete the other optional fields, such as whether you want to lead a ride.
  4. At the bottom of the form is a checkbox asking if you want to receive email from us. If you don’t want to get This Week’s Rides and other emails from us, un-check this box. It is recommended, however, that you subscribe to these emails for at least the first few weeks of your membership (don’t worry — we don’t send that many emails). You can also stop receiving emails from us at a later date using links at the bottom of each email. (Note that if you subscribe to the list, you will get an email asking you to confirm that you want to subscribe, and asking if you are a robot. Please tell it you are not.)
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Another secure page displays to collect your credit card information. If you were previously a member on our old site and have credit for time remaining on that membership, you will have received a coupon code via email. Enter that code to the Coupon Code field to adjust the amount that you will be charged to bring this year’s membership up to date, and then enter the card number, expiration date, and CSV code.
  7. Once your credit card is processed, the system will send an email to the address that you gave. Along with information about your membership, this email contains a link to a page that you can use to set your password for Use this link and login to the site — you can then change that password. If you lose the password, the new website will let you reset your password as often as you like.

This shouldn’t take more than five minutes, and when you are done your membership will be good for another year.

Thanks for your time and attention in this. The new registration system is much better than the old one, so we shouldn’t need to do this again for many years.




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