Cyclist Rights and Obligations

Let’s foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect with motorists and other cyclists.  Nobody really wants to run you over and you don’t want to cause needless traffic woes.

Become a Member

  • Participation in all scheduled rides, with ride leaders who map out special routes and ride “sweepers” for anyone who might need help along the way.
  • Participation in all social activities planned by the club.
  • Informative list services to keep you up to date on rides, activities, and cycling topics of interest.
  • Training clinics during the year.
  • Volunteer opportunities.
  • Ability to purchase exclusive Harpeth Bike Club cycling apparel.

Get in Touch

The Harpeth Bike Club

sends official Announcements to members, and there are Google groups for un-moderated communications specific to our riders’ interests.

Got more questions? Use our Contact Form.

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The Harpeth Bike Club promotes safe, friendly and fun cycling in Middle Tennessee.