HBC Member Rides Across the USA!

At today’s Pancake Ride, we recognized Bruce Green, who recently completed an amazing bike ride across the country!  And Bruce did it the hard way — diagonally from Los Angeles to Boston, for a total of 3,400 miles.  Here is Bruce’s description of the ride:

The trip was 48 days, including 5 rest days, averaging about 85 miles a day.  We started in Los Angeles and dipped our rear wheels in the Pacific Ocean at Manhattan Beach.  Then we headed northeasterly across the country, eventually dipping our front tires in the Atlantic Ocean in Boston at Revere Beach on June 29th.  We traveled a total of 3,400 miles and had many challenges everyday, including heat, humidity, hills, hydration, mountains, rain, big winds (especially in Kansas), and road debris (especially on the interstates while crossing the desert), just to name a few.  Some of these challenges were mental in nature because after riding with the HBC for so many years I was in good enough shape for the physical aspect.


Bruce rode with a group of about 20 riders of all ages.  In the process, he raised $58,000 for the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital!  We congratulate Bruce and are very happy that he is back riding with us and inspiring us about the benefits of riding with the HBC!  Here is Bruce’s victory photo at the Atlantic Ocean:


Larry Lewis, HBC Ride Chair




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It looks like the rain will clear out for us to ride on Saturday, but not sure about Sunday.  We’ll ride if possible.  Here’s the schedule: Saturday, Feb. 16 – 9:00 A.M. – Durk’s Balderdash Blast! – Hillsboro Elementary School in Leipers Fork, 5412 Pinewood Rd. – For Saturday, we expect conditions to be a
It was a tough weekend for cyclists!  But we have some dedicated riders!  Durk reports that on Saturday it was 25 degrees with a wind chill of 15 at ride time.  Nevertheless, 25 to 30 people showed up for the ride!  Amazing!  And the shorter route was perfect for the conditions.  For Sunday it was
In recent years, the Harpeth Club, like most others, has experienced declining attendance and difficulties in hosting the big annual organized pay ride.  Everyone wants to ride the course and enjoy the rest stops and festivities, but few are enthusiastic about staffing them!  Your HBC Board is thinking and working hard to revamp our Harpeth
We have not received any nominations for HBC officers besides those put forward by the Board, as follows: President – Graf Hilgenhurst Vice-President – R.J. Locurto Secretary – Dan Jensen Treasurer – Steve Saxton Membership Chair – Tiffany Hetrick Ride Chair – Larry Lewis Social Chair – Jordy Wetzel Adaptive Athlete Chair – Patty Willman
The Harpeth Bicycle Club is an official organization recognized by the Tennessee Secretary of State.  The Club has a Charter and Bylaws.  But they were written in the 90’s and are woefully out of date.  Since they originated in the era before communication by electronic means became so common, they contemplate a Club phone line,
From our President, Graf Hilgenhurst: To All HBC members:  Results of the survey are in, and there is strong support for continuing the Harpeth River Ride in 2019.  To make this happen, we will need volunteers at all levels.  In particular, we need a strong committee to oversee the following areas: ride routes, rest stops,

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