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At its recent meeting the HBC Board addressed the proper use of the mailing lists maintained by our club.  It appears that many members are not aware of the functions of the different lists.  In an effort to clarify, here goes:
All current HBC members should receive Official Club Announcements, which can be sent only by Board members.  Most of these are sent by Larry as Ride Chair and relay information about upcoming rides and other official club events.  Some members report that they have not been receiving these announcements lately.  Sometimes, depending on the individual’s computer or smartphone configuration, they may be going to Spam, Promotions, or another folder that the member can control.  Or a member’s email address may be outdated or wrong.  Please check these things and if you’re a current member but still are not receiving the announcements in any form, reply and we will attempt to resolve the problem.
The General List is entirely different from Official Club Announcements!  HBC members and others may subscribe to this list, which is for cycling-related matters.  Most active members do subscribe to the General List.  It is most often used to inform about special rides, advertise bikes and components for sale, and promote community events related to cycling or fitness in general.  The General List is also used by leaders of official club rides to announce a cancellation or a change in time or route, since ride leaders who are not Board members cannot send official announcements.  If a member receives an honor, hosts a party, or provides some sort of entertainment, that is also OK.  But controversial political topics not directly related to cycling are prohibited.
The club also maintains an Ultra List for communications among our amazing long-distance randonneurs and a Tandem List for our many tandem (and triple!) riders.
In addition, there is an Off-Topic List for messages that do not relate to cycling.  This list may be used by those who do want to discuss controversial matters.  The club does not control the contents of this list but encourages civility!
To subscribe (or unsubscribe) to the General List, the Ultra List, the Tandem List, or the Off-Topic List, go to the HBC website.  Click at the top on “About” and them on “Mailing Lists.”  Additional information is available there, as well as very easy instructions on how to subscribe.
The Board hopes this will help all of our members and friends to fully utilize all of the resources that our club provides!
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