Bryan Kortness

If you’ve ridden much with the Harpeth Bike Club or FOGBEES, or have bought a bike recently from Gran Fondo or Biker’s Choice, you may have gotten to spend some time with Bryan Kortness.

Bryan passed away Easter Sunday. Reportedly riding with friends, Bryan suffered either a heart attack or stroke. He is survived by his wife, Leslie, and daughter Teagen.



Always cheerful and fun, Bryan was an ambassador for cycling throughout middle Tennessee, and just a good guy to hang out with. He was the organizer of the Unity Ride last month in Watertown.

The FOGBEES regular Monday night ride — starting at 6:20 pm from Painturo’s pizza in Goodlettsville — will have a short “Ride Of Silence” section in Bryan’s honor, followed by beer, food, and stories. The FOGBEES are also working to set up a memorial ride and fund.

Robert A. Hendry
President, Harpeth Bike Club




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