Welcome to the Best Cycling Anywhere!

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you either are a member of the Harpeth Bike Club or you are visiting or planning to visit the area in which the Harpeth Bike Club regularly rides. For either of those, I would like to say “Congratulations!” and “Thank You!”

Congratulations because it means that you (hopefully) get to ride a bicycle on some of the best biking roads anywhere! We’ve got the perfect mixture of quiet country lanes, challenging climbs, and thrilling descents … all surrounded by what has to be the most gorgeous land on the planet.

And if the roads here weren’t enough, you’ve also happened upon a group of the nicest, most giving ambassadors that this cycling Nirvana could want: The Harpeth Bike Club. Which brings me to the “Thank You!”

The Harpeth Bike Club’s success is due to the tireless efforts of our members throughout the year. The club’s officers sincerely appreciate all of the support and participation from those members. If you were not willing to lead rides, we would not have them. If you were not willing to attend rides, nobody would want to lead them. If you weren’t there to volunteer at the Harpeth River Ride in June, or boogeying down with us at our epic Christmas party in December, we would not be the club that we are.

Under the leadership of Larry Lewis, club members volunteered to lead our evening and weekend rides throughout the year.

Our adaptive athlete program continued to grow last year under Patty Willman. Cycling opportunities are being provided for physically and visually challenged adults and students each Tuesday evening at the track, as well as at the Harpeth River Ride. Additional volunteer helpers and tandem captains are always appreciated. Participation is very rewarding!

The Harpeth River Ride has become one of the signature cycling events in the southeast. The success of the HRR depends on the volunteer efforts of our members. A successful HRR is essential to the vitality and viability of the HBC. In fact, about one half of the club’s annual expenses are funded by revenue from the HRR, so by volunteering you are helping build a stronger HBC!

The HBC officers for 2018 are:

  • President – Graf Hilgenhurst
  • Vice President – RJ Locurto
  • Treasurer – Steven Saxton
  • Secretary – Tiffany Hetrick
  • Rider Leader Chair – Larry Lewis
  • Membership Chair – Tony Neglia
  • Social Chair – Jordy Wetzel
  • HRR Chair – ??
  • Adaptive Athlete Chair – Patty Willman
  • WebMaster – Tom Finegan

The club’s officers work earnestly throughout the year to strengthen the HBC. I appreciate the considerable time and energy they give to the club.

Ride safely and see you on the road!

Graf Hilgenhurst, HBC President

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The Harpeth Bike Club promotes safe, friendly and fun cycling in Middle Tennessee.